Central Oregon Bio Solutions


Where to start….

Dealing compassionately with individuals and those assisting individuals who find themselves overwhelmed with hoarding situations is of vital importance.  We maintain the dignity of each individual and achieve the desired goals for each unique situation. We work directly with mental health professionals and will follow their lead when implementing a cleanup plan. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will also work with every budget involved in a Hoarding cleanup situation.

When the initial phone call is placed to Eric Schaffner, the co-owner of Central Oregon Bio Solutions, he will ask a few simple questions to determine the size/scope of the Hoarding situation and Eric and Jeff Cole (co-owner) will arrive in a non-advertised vehicle on location to assess the scene, give an estimate on the length of time that will be needed and will communicate the steps that will be involved in the cleanup.

The question of who is going to pay for the cleanup is obviously important when handling a Hoarding cleanup. Typically, Hoarding is not covered by an insurance policy unless there is Biohazard present. However, Eric will work with every situation, whether it be with a homeowner, long-term renter, short-term renter, property management company, apartment community, care facility or business environment to determine the best way forward.  If insurance is involved, a claim # will be established and Eric will handle all interaction with the Insurance Company until the work is completed and the claim is closed. The homeowners deductible of up to $1000.00 will be waived by Central Oregon Bio Solutions and so in most cases there will be $0 out-of-pocket expense.  If there is not a policy that will cover the work, Eric will work with every situation to find a reasonable solution for all involved.

How long a job will take depends on several different factors but a typical Hoard can take from a day to several weeks to complete depending on circumstances. Either Eric and Jeff will personally be overseeing the cleanup and will always guarantee the work to the complete satisfaction of those involved.

Central Oregon Bio Solutions will always handle our part of your tragedy with professionalism, discretion, compassion and care.