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Suicide Cleanup

First Responders will be on site until the scene is released, once that happens, family and friends are left with the challenging question of “what do I do now?” Central Oregon Bio Solutions is fully ready to handle any and all scenarios. We will arrive on scene quickly, communicate the steps to be taken and thoroughly clean the environment. As with most Biohazard situations a homeowners insurance policy typically covers the damage to the property, and Central Oregon Bio Solutions will waive the first $1000.00 of the deductible.

Rodent/Animal Cleanup

If your property has been affected by a rodent infestation and there are urine and feces droppings left behind, you want to hire a cleaning company that is licensed, certified and insured for the safe removal of these health hazards. We take our time to ensure that the area we are cleaning is completely remediated.  Central Oregon Bio Solutions follows all state and federal protocols regarding the removal of biohazards.

Rodent feces in many cases can be hazardous to people’s health for those who are around the smell and uncleanliness of the situation.  Hanta Virus is a potential issue when rodent feces are present, proper cleanup is extremely important as exposure to this virus can lead to major health issues and unfortunately, even death. Hantavirus Kills Deschutes County Woman

When you call Central Oregon Bio Solutions for rodent dropping Removal, you can expect:

  • Our crew to evaluate the property and create a cleanup plan to ensure that the space is completely remediated from the effects of the rodent infestation.

  • The cleaning technicians to use specialized equipment that is designed to safely and efficiently remove all traces of rodent droppings.

  • Any leftover odors to be eliminated by our powerful ozone air neutralizer machines.

  • A clean bill of health when we are done with our cleaning services, so that you can be certain the area is safe for reoccupation.

  • Proper documentation of our findings and our cleanup process for filing and insurance claim, as rodent dropping cleanup is covered by some homeowners insurance policies.

UNATTended Death Cleanup

When an individual passes away without friends or family being aware of it.  Depending on the the environmental conditions, an unattended death is a unique situation that requires a professional to clean, disinfect and to deodorize the environment. Central Oregon Bio Solutions is fully equipped to come into these situations and return the residence to it’s condition prior to the death.

Odor Removal

Every biohazard situation is unique and often times or removal is associated with the type of work we do. We have several different course of action for odor removal.  Central Oregon Bio Solutions will always guarantee our work and make sure each customer is fully satisfied with our odor removal services.

Homicide/Crime Scene Cleanup

Homicide and Crime scenes are extremely likely sites for Bloodborne Pathogen contamination. Bloodborne Pathogens can live in exposed blood for several weeks. Bloodborne Pathogen exposure is considered damage to the property and would be covered by an insurance policy.  Also, residue from fingerprint dust and will remain after the investigation of the scene has been completed, Central Oregon Bio Solutions will also completely remediate that residue. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will always waive the first $1000.00 of the homeowners insurance policy deductible.

Hoarding Cleanup

Dealing compassionately with individuals and those assisting individuals who find themselves overwhelmed with hoarding situations is of vital importance.  We maintain the dignity of each individual and achieve the desired goals for each unique situation. We work directly with mental health professionals and will follow their lead when implementing a cleanup plan. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will also work with every budget involved in a hoarding cleanup situation.


Trauma Scene Cleanup

There are times when the unthinkable happens and a loved one or family member is seriously injured or loses their life. To complicate things, when trauma is involved there’s often a large biohazard cleanup required. Situations that occur in homes such as suicide, unattended death, accidental death and crime scenes are very difficult to manage. Central Oregon Bio Solutions is available to clean the home and help those dealing with a immense loss moving towards healing and closure.

Blood Cleanup

When human blood is present in any environment there are risks associated with Bloodborne Pathogen exposure. It doesn’t take a death for biohazard cleanup services to be necessary. In most biohazard situations, blood from an accident not leading to death is still covered by homeowners insurance. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will always work directly with the insurance provider and will waive the first $1000.00 of the insurance deductible.

Infectious Disease Cleanup

There are many different types of contagious diseases and infections, some can spread through the air, direct or indirect contact and by contaminated objects. Each disease has characteristics of its own but Central Oregon Bio Solutions can eradicate the communicable disease your property is facing effectively and immediately.

Filth Cleanup

Central Oregon Bio Solutions Is ready, willing and able to go into any situation to make it safe and inhabitable. Without passing judgment, working with care and discretion we will clean up any situation with excellence and urgency.

Apartment Cleanouts

Apartment managers are often faced with the unenviable task of cleaning out an apartment when an occupant moves out and leaves there personal belongings behind. While this is not typically a biohazard issue, Central Oregon Bio Solutions provides affordable apartment clean out services.

Vehicle Cleanup

We clean all types of vehicles and properly dispose of biohazardous materials due to a major blood spill, accident, crime, or suicide in an automobile. Assuming the damage is less than 70% of the current value of the vehicle, most auto insurance policies cover the cost of a bio hazard cleaning.

First Responders

To honor of those who give sacrificially to our amazing Central Oregon community, biohazard services provided for First Responders directly will be provided free of charge by Central Oregon Bio Solutions.

Police Services

Police services such as blood, death and trauma scene cleanups are events that should be handled by a bio  hazard solutions specialist. Blood and human tissue are considered to be biohazard and can often times be very dangerous to the health and well-being of employees or individuals in custody. 

Free services provided in special circumstances for law enforcement.